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Titles Below

A Single Man (2009)
A Home at the End of the World
Adonis Factor
All over the guy (2001)
An Angel Named Billy 2007 (USA)
Bad Boy Street (2012)
Beautiful Thing (1996)
Bedrooms and Hallways (1998)
Before Night Falls (2000)
Boy Culture
Cal, It’s Him! (2013)
Breakfast With Scot (2007)
Call Me Kuchu (2012)
Capital Games (2013)
Christopher and his kind
Dorian Blues (2004)
Duffer (1971)
Eating Out 1 (2004)
Eating Out 2
Eating Out 3, All You Can Eat
Eating Out Drama Camp 4
Eating Out 5 The Open Weekend
Edge Of Seventeen
Finding me
God loves Uganda
Holding Trevor

I Do
I want your love
Is It Just Me
I Love You Phillip Morris
J’ai tué Ma Mêre
Judas Kiss
Kissing Darkness
Latter Days
Little Gay Boy Christ Is Dead
More Than Friendship
Mr Right
Plan B
The Adventurer:The Curse Of The Midas Box
The Big Gay Musical
The Curiosity of Chance
The Opposite of Sex
Love Patient
Love Valour Compassion
Make the Yuletide Gay
More Than Friendship
The crying game
The War Boys
His Secret Life
American 2000
Almost Normal
Angels in America 1
Angels in America 2

Big Bang Love Juvenile
Breakfast on Pluto
Breakfast with Scot
Brokeback Mountain
Broken Sky
Bromance my brothers romance
Chicken Tikka Masala
Coffee Date
Cut-sleeve Boys
Dirty Laundry
Doing time on Maple drive
Dream Boy
End Game
Eternal Summer
Far from Heaven
For the Bible tells me so
Garcon stupide
Get your Stuff
Get Real
Gods and monsters
Gone but not forgotten
Grande ecole
Happy together
Head on
Another Gay Movie
Another Gay Sequel
As good as it Gets
Making love
My Summer of Love
Full Speed
A Love to Hide
His Secret Life
The sum of us